Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cheer and Dance Competition

We had a Cheer and Dance Competition in Fort Worth in February. The girls did so great! Their dance team won Nationals as did their Cheer team! The really cool thing is that their cheer team was less than 1 point off of Overall High Point!!! That's out of all of the squads... even the older ones!! They ROCKED!!!!

More Random Pics

Twas' the Night Before Christmas
Our tradition... Daddy reads and Mommy takes pictures
Sleepover fun with Maddie, Marti and Jayci

Happy New Year!

Frosting the Christmas cookies!

Tasting! the frosting!

Christmas cookies!

Being Silly!

The cutest Christmas dresses ever!!

Pajama day at school

Random Pictures... here and there

Miss Tammy's Cheer

Speed Racer!

From the ice cream truck at Aunt Ava's

Wrapping Christmas presents

Sleepy heads... decorating the Christmas tree
At Wildcatter Ranch in Graham for Thanksgiving

A genie and a unicorn for Halloween... too cute


Can you believe it!?!

Can you believe it? I'm actually going to update this blog after months of neglect! There are so many things that we've missed!! First day of 1st grade... holidays... mini-vacations... so, so much! I'm feeling like a really bad Mommy!! But.. while I'm in between jobs (again!) I might as well take advantage of the opportunity to do some catching up!! Get ready!! Lots of pictures and posts to follow!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Few of My Favorite Pics

I've been really lucky to get some really good shots of the girls this summer... here are just a few of my favorites.... Aren't they beautiful? (If I do say so myself!) And the really, really great thing is... they're just as pretty on the inside.
We are truly, truly blessed!

A Day at the Lake

We spent a Sunday recently at the Cleburne State Park. We had the hardest time finding something to do that day. We drove to Glen Rose to go to the "big rocks" and it was closed... Splash Station was closed for the day to be hyper-chlorinated... everything we wanted to do just didn't work out. Daddy suggested the lake at the Cleburne State Park and it turned out to be a blast. We didn't get there until about 3:00 but we stayed and played... swimming, collecting shells, playing on the playground... til about 8:00! And the best part? We were only a few minutes from home! It was a perfect "family fun day"!

Hannah Montana 3D Movie!

The Hannah Montana 3D Movie was on the Disney Channel recently. Of course, it was a very big deal around the Gittings household! We had to wear Hannah Montana clothes... have a pizza and soda party... break out the guitars and microphones... the works! We had fun, even though we'd already seen the movie in the theater! As always...
Hannah ROCKS!!!

A Weekend at The Villages

Fun in the Sun!

The Birthday Boy, Cabe!

A late afternoon swim
Posin' at the Water Park!

Audra and her boys! Cabe, Riley, Asa
Cousin fun!
Cabe, Asa, Savannah, Madison, Makinley
The indoor water park ROCKED!

Savannah, Makinley, Cabe, Madison, Asa
Madison and the Birthday Boy!

Aunt Ava and Savannah

Aunt Audra and Uncle Todd invited us to their place at The Villages in East Texas for the weekend to celebrate Cabe's 7th birthday! What a GREAT place! There were several pools to choose from, putt-putt golf, a HUGE indoor water park and lots of other activities! It was a BLAST!!! Aunt Ava and Savannah and Jack were there too! We had so much fun! Lots of summer-time memories made with our cousins! What could be better than that? Thanks for inviting us Aunt Audra!
Happy Birthday Cabe!!